You’re Getting Married!

IMG_20161015_164331542Congratulations.You may be thinking of hiring a planner, and that is a great choice, it tells you, the universe and everyone coming that your day is very special.

Your day, your wedding, your event, is bigger than you and it deserves the professional organization only a planner can bring. But now you have the choice: an entire planning package or hiring the planner for just the day of. Well, what’s the difference? How does this decision make or break the biggest day of your life?

The planner is the lynch pin to your whole event. Probably the most important piece in this machine, after you and yours, of course.

First and foremost, the money. No one wants to spend more than they need to, and often people see the event planner as a luxury for the elite. No! A good planner should save you money (time and heartache too, to be quite honest). They have a working, symbiotic relationship with local vendors. They may have discounted rates for their preferred vendors, or at the very least are quite experienced at negotiation. A vendor would want to offer a discount with a planner because a happy planner means future business. And day – of they can manage their people they have a good relationship with much better than a group of strangers. Who will be where, when? What should the contract say and are you getting exactly what you want? You don’t want any surprises when you’re ready to experience the greatest day of your life.

Look at it this way, would you buy the best engine, good tires, a super fancy steering wheel and engine, then throw it all in a heap and call it a car or even expect it to run? Well with your event it’s the same. Well…Similar. If you spend the money on the whole package the planner can call in their favorite, tried and true vendors. They have a plan, a back up plan and a back up to the back up plan for every part of it.

A planner that only has control day-of is really just a chaos manager. Even if they’ve begin work a month prior, they are coming in to manage a situation rather than design and choreograph from the beginning. Let’s say that on the day of the event no one can get a hold of the caterer. Or, they show up not performing, you could put the planner on the case, but if she is just getting there she has as much sway and control as you, plus all the other things she’s trying to organize.

Getting the entire package doesn’t cost any more in the long run, and doesn’t take any of the ‘you’ out of your special day. Be the beautiful couple with nothing but stars and love in their eyes, rather than stress and anxiety. It makes for better photos. And happier memories.