Wedding Stationery

There are so many details to know and remember when planning a wedding, stationery being among the most stressful. There are Save the Dates, Wedding Announcements, Invitations, Menu Cards, Place Cards, Escort Cards, Thank You Notes; its enough to make your head spin.
What are each of these and are they necessary? Well, that depends on the level of formality you have chosen.
Let’s start with Save the Dates. These are a must for all guests if you are planning a destination wedding or have a large number of out of town guests. If these situations don’t apply then they are used as a courtesy to those guests who you’d really like to attend. Not all guests need a save the date. The format and wording on a Save the Date is up for grabs. Generally a picture of the couple, the words “Save the Date” and the actual wedding date is plenty. If your wedding is out of town, please include where the festivities will take place and the date range. For instance, if your wedding is going to be in Jamaica and the travel dates for most guests is Wednesday-Saturday, include those dates on the save the date.
Wedding Announcements is probably a term most folks aren’t familiar with. These are similar in concept to a graduation announcement. It doesn’t serve as an invitation rather than an announcement of the wedding. The wording can be close to the actual invitation minus the requesting of their presence. You can even use the same format and formality as the actual invitation.
Your wedding invitations are the biggest part of your wedding stationery. The possibilities here are endless and can be quite overwhelming. Start with the level of formality you are comfortable with for your ceremony and reception and work from there. Hiring a wedding planner who is willing to work with the stationery company to determine the overall look and design is a great way to narrow down the choices. There are so many decisions to be made, be sure to take your time and only decide on a design that you as a couple can agree on.
Your menu cards, escort cards, place cards and thank you notes should be of the same quality and design as your invitations. They should carry on the theme, colors and feel of the ceremony and reception. And before you even ask, YES, thank you notes are a must. It doesn’t matter if you received a gift or just a card, send a thank you note.