Easy DIY

For the brides on a strict budget or who are crafty, there are many easy and inexpensive DIY elements you can add to your special day. If you’re not all that crafty, find some friends or family members who are. Lastly if you like the look of some handmade items, Etsy is a fabulous source where you can pay others to be crafty for you.

Here are a few easy DIY projects I took on for my own wedding:
Napkin rings – I saved the cardboard part of the toilet paper roll, cut them in half and hot glued ribbon to them. Making a nice clean cut was a bit harder than I anticipated but I got the hang of it after practicing on a few.
Table Runners – You can see from the picture above my table runners, these are super easy to do and take virtually no skill. I found the fabric and fell in love with it. This fabric ended up being the inspiration for my whole wedding. Fabric that is 45″ in width works best, all you would need is to finish the edges and cut to length. If you are a sewer then finishing the edges is easy with a serger or regular machine and making the hem. If you don’t sew, its still easy to finish by hot glueing ribbon on the back side to hide the raw edge.
Entrance Draping – Our wedding was outside and didn’t have a “door” for me to walk through. I solved that issue by making my own entrance. I took two big planters, filled them with concrete, stuck some PVC piping in then draped a white sheet down and across the top to create a “doorway”. The picture does a better job of describing it.