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Grand Expectation Events
Kendra is amazing!! Her professionalism and expertise made everything so easy and not stressful! Thank you Kendra!

Grand Expectation Events
Great service provided. Cared about our event and was on point with everything.

Grand Expectation Events
Kendra was very helpful the week of the weeding. She called all the vendors and checked to make sure of times and deliveries and she worked through last minute changes with all of them. On the day of I provided her a detailed list and pictures of exactly how I wanted everything setup. She was extremely flexible because our ceremony was outdoors, 30 minutes before the wedding she was moving chairs in and out of our tent location so we could get married outside just as the rain stopped. She did an outstanding job!
Grand Expectation Events
The only thing that Kendra did not take care of was my future bride and I meeting. She has been superb in walking us thru all of the processes of getting married - of which there are a million. I can't say enough about how in touch and attentive she has been. We did not have the typical approach to wedding planning. We wanted to find someone who could take our random threads of thought and stitch them into a beautiful, simple and elegant ceremony. And that's just what she did. We had a budget, a few clear likes and dislikes and the rest was Kendra. She negotiated pricing, found scrappy ways to save money on the nickle and dime items (you'd be amazed how expensive invitations can get!) From soup to nuts, Kendra has been the go to person for all of our vendors, caterers, cake makers, she even found us our cupcake vendor, DJ and officiant. I can't recommend her any more. She is simply the best. If you go somewhere else, that's your own fault.
Grand Expectation Events
STOP and read this review before you make your decision.

My fiance and I both work. We are very much in love, but handling the day to day complications of a major event , like a wedding, is our idea of a good time. We are so busy, that writing our own vows and showing up to the wedding itself was what we committed to ... so we started to look for a wedding planner.

We found Kendra Ingram at Grand Expectations and here was the cliff's notes of our conversation:
K (Kendra): What kind of wedding do you want?
U (Us): A great one, with Great Music, Food and Booze.
K: What are you thinking?
U: That we need a wedding planner who can take a budget, a general vision and a few meetings to really own the event from soup to nuts. We want you to own setting up all vendor appointments, decorations, theme, price negotiations, finding vendors for things we're not sure about... and at the end of the day, if it's not food, booze or music... we really don't care that much.
K: No problem.

She said no problem, and it wasn't Kendra really picked up the ball and ran with it. We are now 10 days out and have almost our entire "to do list" completed, and all things considered, our stress level is fairly low.

Kendra has been outstanding, very reasonably priced and has really become a good friend and partner in the planning process.

As an aside, she also has a great in with travel agents, which helps tremendously with planning and booking the honeymoon.

So if you are looking for a trustworthy partner in the wedding planning process, no matter what level of interaction you want from her: from thinking thru planning to owning the whole darn thing, you can't go wrong with Kendra Ingram.

So do yourself a favor and schedule and appointment with her now to get it all started.
Grand Expectation Events
Kendra was such a great help with wedding planning. I lost count of how many times I said thank goodness for Kendra that last month before the wedding! We had done most of the planning ourselves out of state for a Dayton wedding, but felt overwhelmed and wanted someone who could be a go-to person for last minute issues. She checked in with all our vendors/coordinated them and even found a couple contract issues we'd overlooked (like we did not realize we were responsible for providing draping for the gazebo and she put us in touch with our 4th new ceremony coordinator who had yet to contact us). She created a very detailed day of schedule for us, which was awesome. She went above and beyond and even attended a several hour final details meeting with the reception venue on a Sunday and listened in on the hour long phone call with our band. You have a lot of decisions to make in wedding planning and having another person to give input was incredibly valuable. She had 2 assistants help with the busing transportation the day of at no additional charge and took care of some last minute rentals we needed. We really can't thank her enough, she is amazing! Our wedding day was perfect and having peace of mind that if something goes wrong, she'll address it is worth way more than you will spend. You'll be very grateful to hire Kendra!